How to Make Healthy Pizza at Home?

By First Posted: Jul 27, 2018 Fri 12:14 AM Updated: Apr 19, 2020 Sun 8:32 PM
How to Make Healthy Pizza at Home?
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Who does not love eating pizza? However, there is always a concern while eating pizza, as eating it on a regular basis might count under unhealthy food habits. Well, what if you can make healthy pizza at your home and eat whenever you want?

So, here below we have the recipe to make healthy pizza at home that can give you the taste of dominoes.

>Select A Flavorful Sauce: An appetizing sauce with fresh herbs and spices will add a ton of flavor to your pizza, so you won’t need to pile up on cheese and other high-calorie toppings to fully enjoy it.

>Experiment with Eccentric Cheeses: Try testing with some lower calorie and abridged fat options, such as smashed feta, which is not only less oily than outmoded mozzarella, but they taste just as good–if not better.

>Go Cheese-Less (On Half Your Pizza): Pizza without cheese is no fun, but the majority of the calories and fat come from this component. Instead of piling on the cheese, divide your crust in half and only add cheese to one side.

>Pile on the Flavors: Covers make or break your pizza pie, so pile on fresh produce (veggies and fruit), herbs and spices for the maximum amount of flavor for a fraction of the calories.

>Try A Thin Crust: Get all of the delightful taste of a regular pizza– cheese, sauce and toppings–but deprived of the added calories from a thick crust. Split store-bought bread in half for two thin crust pizzas instead of one thick crust.

So, now you know how to make healthy pizza at home.


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