Do You Know Who Accused Hina Khan of Rs 12 Lakh Fraud?

By First Posted: Jul 20, 2018 Fri 12:16 PM
Do You Know Who Accused Hina Khan of Rs 12 Lakh Fraud?
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Hina Khan certainly knows how to remain in the spotlight and media headlines. Presently a jewelry brand has accused Hina of Rs 12 Lakh Fraud and the internet can’t believe the fact.

As per a report on one of the news channels, the jewelry brand has alleged that Hina Khan endorsed their brand at an event by wearing jewelry that was worth Rs 12 lakh but deceptively, she didn't return it post the event.

Also, as per the media report, the brand has sent a notice to Hina, giving her 15 days to return the jewelry.

Well, this news did not go well with Hina and she took her frustration out on her Twitter account by posting, "LOLwonder why this legal notice did not reach my house and instead reached all the media houses.. sorry haters this tactic will not work.. try something new.. bhassodi will still shine #Bhasoodi #NoMoreBullshit #BhasoodiHits7M."

It seems like after the declaration and the post from Hina, the media has gone numb. The fraudulent news seems to be irrelevant and baseless. Well, Hina is one of Indian TV's most famous actresses. She has a huge fan base following but there's no dearth of haters too!

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