Did You Know This Humble Dish Can Make You Happy?

By First Posted: Jul 19, 2018 Thu 2:32 AM
Did You Know This Humble Dish Can Make You Happy?
Image Credit: Natural Healthcare Guide

Have you ever wondered why you feel satisfied and relaxed after eating curd rice? This humble dish is a favorite amongst South Indians. But even if you are not from the South, you must have had curd with rice as a simple treatment for an upset stomach. What is the science behind this?

It has been revealed that the benefits of curd rice are real (you did not just imagine them!) and have a scientific basis.

Curd contains a compound called Tryptophan. This compound is the base of Serotonin, our Happiness hormone. But eating plain dahi does not make you happy! This is because Tryptophan cannot be converted into Serotonin as it cannot cross the blood brain barrier itself, meaning it cannot get to the brain itself. This is where the rice comes in. The high carb content in rice combines with the Tryptophan and assists it in crossing the blood brain barrier. When rice and curd are eaten together, our body is able to convert Tryptophan into Serotonin. This is why you feel full, relaxed and satisfied after eating curd rice.

The probiotic nature of curd, combined with low fibre content of white rice, is also great for treating common stomach disorders like diarrhoea.

So enjoy your curd rice without any guilt!

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