Here's Katrina's First Look in Zero, Shared by SRK

By First Posted: Jul 17, 2018 Tue 4:04 AM
Here's Katrina's First Look in Zero, Shared by SRK
Image Credit: Twitter

We all know that Shahrukh and Katrina are working together again in Anand Rai's Zero. Shahrukh took to Twitter to share this picture of Katrina Kaif in the film. It is very hard to decode this look! What is she thinking? Is she angry? Upset, perhaps? Katrina has this determined look on her face which seems to be a mingling of determination and anger. The black kohl smudged eyes point towards something mysterious and sad too! It is certainly not like Katrina to appear in a picture like this. Usually looking pretty is her only job in movies, this one seems to be something entirely different!

As you try to decipher this unusual look, here's what her friend Shahrukh posted when he shared the picture.

"We know she is beautiful. We know she has set our hearts fluttering. She has loved like she has never been hurt. She dances like nobody’s watching her. She has lived like it’s heaven on earth. But all us actors wait for the moment when we can sink our teeth into a character deeper than beauty and its trappings. Here’s my friend on her birthday braving to enthrall us in a new avatar. You may ask ‘why so serious..?’ Hmmm… Aapka pata nahi, mujhe toh gusse mein yeh aur bhi haseen lagti hai. Happy birthday my brave and beautiful Katrina…Love, Shah Rukh."

He certainly knows how to charm his way into people's hearts, right?

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