Mumbaikars Rejoice - Court Allows Outside Food in Multiplexes.

By First Posted: Jul 14, 2018 Sat 2:48 PM
Mumbaikars Rejoice - Court Allows Outside Food in Multiplexes.
Image Credit: dailyhunt

Mumbai folks can now chill and get outside food to multiplexes when they go for a movie or matinee shows. Inquisitive to how cinema-goers can be enforced to purchase food and water from theatres, the Bombay high court on Thursday said nobody should be forbidden from carrying these into malls and multiplexes from outside.

 “They cannot frisk people and take away all the food items,” said a division bench of justice RM Borde and Justice Rajesh Ketkar. “There you are not entering a sensitive area like an airport to pose a security threat,” the judges said, questioning the need to frisk customers entering cinema halls although they are already checked by means of door-frame metal detectors.

“Either there should be total prohibition – no one should be allowed to carry or serve food inside theatres or multiplexes or the viewers should also be allowed to carry their own food and water bottles,” said the division bench of Justice Shantanu Kemkar and Justice Makrand Karnik. “They cannot induce viewers to buy food articles at exorbitant prices,” the bench said.

The petition pursues instructions to license people to carry their own food inside cinema halls. The decision of state government to allow the moviegoers to allow outside food in multiplexes is a commendable action. What is your take on it?


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