Parents' Role in the Mental Health Issues Amongst Children

By First Posted: Jul 11, 2018 Wed 12:58 AM
Parents' Role in the Mental Health Issues Amongst Children
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These days people are talking about mental health issues quite openly. We even have some celebrities like Deepika Padukone openly sharing their mental health struggles with the world. Certainly the stigma associated with mental health problems is fast fading away. But one area we are still not talking about is the mental health of our children - the little ones. 

You might ask what can possibly be wrong with the mental health of an 8 year old who hardly has any care in the world! The truth is that our children are not really in the phase of "having no care". This is because we, as prents, are so competitive and expect the same from them. We want them to be the best in their kindergarten class, and in every class from thereon. We want them to be toppers academically, we want them to excel in sports and also shine in other extra curricular activities. We not only want these things, we also expect them from our children and we make sure they know it early on!

Though we want the best for them, out expectations put needless pressure on our little children. How does this affect them?

Children experience Anxiety, Depression, Feeling Inadequate and Incessant Worry.

Is this not a mental health issue?

Who is responsible if your child is experiencing this mental trauma early in life? 

Please consider the ramifications of pressurising children. The last thing any parent wants is to push their child towards depression and gloom. So try to find other positive ways of encouraging them to excel.

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