Is Astrology Relevant in Modern World?

By First Posted: Jul 10, 2018 Tue 12:45 PM
Is Astrology Relevant in Modern World?
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Astrology in this modern world is considered as a study of predictions and cultural constellations which is hard to correlate with the everyday livelihood of an individual. Most of the times it’s easy to see yourself in your readings like in the paper, but horoscopes are generally written to make them sound relevant to everyone. How do you know if they are written by a good astrologer or even using real astrological forecasting?

Just because something is not entirely based on science and has come from an ancient time doesn’t mean it’s always wrong. There are a lot of issues related to our place in the Universe that are not explicable yet and this can be a good way to make sense of it all. If it makes you feel more comfortable with your life, then there is nothing wrong with credulous in it as long as you don’t let someone dictate your future.

You can definitely use astrology as a monitor, don’t make big life decisions without really thinking through what you are doing and understanding if the person you’re working with actually knows what they are talking about.

Astrology’s ancient enlightenment is still relevant in this day and age. There are many resources that can help you to get acquainted with what your future grips and what needs to be done today to reach your full potential.

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