Fashion Tips for Middle Aged Women

By First Posted: Jul 4, 2018 Wed 7:19 AM
Fashion Tips for Middle Aged Women
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The pair of old frayed jeans that you wore to college might still fit you in your late 40s, but does it look as good? It is certainly an achievement that you have kept yourself fit through the years. But what looked great on you in teenage will not work for you as you enter your middle age. In fact, fashion experts say that your dressing sense needs a complete overhaul every decade.

Fashion Tips for Middle Age

- Jeans are still cool, but avoid the excessively embellished, low rise, ultra skinny and ripped ones. These are more for the young and hep crowd. Go for classy shades and cuts instead.

- Graphic tees with loud messages are not for a woman in her middle age. When wearing a tee, keep it simple and classy. If you want to be more dressy, use a scarf with your tee.

- Avoid micro minis and hot pants. For a women in her middle age, these scream 'hooker'. Shorts are not a complete No. Just choose wisely and keep comfort foremost.

- You must have seen young girls wear saris with blouses that look just like bras. It works for them, but will not work for you. Wear a classy sleeveless blouse with your sari, but avoid over-exposure.

- When choosing jewellery, let young school and college girls be your guide. If they are wearing it, then you shouldn't. Go for classy pieces that look timeless. Avoid too much chunky bedazzle.

- Though the young girls are showing off their underthings with sassiness, it is not cool to let your underwear or bra poke out in your 40s. Keep the underthings where they belong - under your clothes.

- Even your shoes should be in coordination with your age and attire. Go for classy shoes from designers that combine looks with comfort. Avoid stilettos or other high heels that will kill you every minute you wear them!

There are only 2 words to sum it up - classy and comfortable. These 2 words should guide all the fashion choices you make in your middle age.

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