Piano Lessons Have an Unexpected Benefit for Your Children

By First Posted: Jun 28, 2018 Thu 4:38 AM
Piano Lessons Have an Unexpected Benefit for Your Children
Image Credit: Lyrical Children

Most parents in cities try to enroll their children in extra-curricular activities these days. Though we end up spending a lot of extra money on these activities, we all agree that an all-round development of personality is important for our children. This is why many parents send their children for piano lessons. 

But did you know that children learn more than just music when they learn to play the piano?

A recent study conducted at MIT found out that piano lessons help children with language skills too! The study followed 3 sets of children aged 4-5 years - one group was given piano lessons, second group was given extra instruction in language, and the last group was given neither. After 6 months, the children were tested on their ability to discriminate words based on difference in consonants, vowels or tone. The children who were given piano lessons performed significantly better than both other groups. The children who were given extra reading instruction performed better than the third group but could not match the children who had piano lessons.

So you have an extra incentive for sending your children to piano classes now!

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