Virushka Served Legal Notice: Did They Have it Coming?

By First Posted: Jun 25, 2018 Mon 11:44 AM
Virushka Served Legal Notice: Did They Have it Coming?
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A legal notice is sent to the power couple Virat and Anushka by none other than Arhhan Singh, who was criticized by the actress for 'littering in public'. Around a week ago a video went viral where actress Anushka Sharma along with husband Virat Kohli ranted a guy for spitting and littering in public. Though the act seems sane yet the accused has sent a legal notice to make sure that his side of the story is heard too by the public in general.

In the video uploaded by Virat on Instagram as well as on micro-blogging site Twitter, Anushka can be seen scolding him as “Why are you throwing garbage on the road?” When she got no reply she again said “Don’t throw garbage on the road. Please be careful.” After he shared this post on Facebook, Arhhan recognized himself in a Facebook post and accused Virat and Anushka of abusing him like this. Later, he thumped Anushka for ‘ranting and yelling like a crazy roadside person’ and Virat’s ‘trashy mind’ for posting the video on social media.

Arhhan is recounted to have told this to the leading daily over text message, “Hi. My legal advisors have sent a notice to Mr. Virat Kohli and Mrs. Anushka Sharma Kohli. As the ball is in their court, no comments in all fairness I should await their response.”

Well, it looks like Virat and Anushka invited some trouble into their busy schedule. What do you think, was the video posting by Virat and Anushka correct or a terrible mistake?


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