Benefits and Use of Jowar

By First Posted: Jun 15, 2018 Fri 3:31 AM
Benefits and Use of Jowar
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When we think of carbs, we always think of wheat or rice. When we think of yummy snacks, we think of maida. We use wheat (atta, maida) and rice so much that we have forgotten all about the other grains our grandparents used to eat. It is also a result of the fact that wheat and rice are marketed in such a way that they sweep the markets while other grains are not marketed so well.

Did you know that there are other grains tht can be used as an alternative to wheat and rice, especially if you are health conscious?

Benefits of Eating Jowar

1. Jowar is a Gluten Free grain. So if you follow the fad gluten free diet or if you really have a gluten allergy, switching to Jowar will be the best decision you ever make!

2. Jowar is full of complex carbs. So it is a very diabetic friendly food. Even doctors advise people with diabetes to include Jowar in their daily diet.

3. Jowar is very rich in fibre. This is why it tends to keep you full for long. When you eat Jowar, you do not feel the need to snack between meals. It is useful if you are trying to lose weight.

4. Jowar is also very rich in Protein. For vegetarians, this is a very good reason to eat Jowar as we struggle to find protein sources in our vegetarian diet.

How to Eat Jowar?

Jowar lacks gluten, so it is not easy to work with it if you are trying to make rotis or puris etc. But you can mix in a little atta to solve this problem.

Jowar flour is great for baking and making those yummy gluten free cookies or bread etc.

Jowar grain can also be cooked in various dishes like daliya or chaat etc.

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