What is the Dead Butt Syndrome?

By First Posted: Jun 13, 2018 Wed 11:51 AM Updated: Feb 26, 2020 Wed 9:06 AM
What is the Dead Butt Syndrome?
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If you sit for a duration longer than you required, it is definite that you are prone to diseases like heart disease, obesity, diabetes and even cancer. However, have you heard of something called ‘Butt Syndrome’? Well, by now most of us suffer from severe backaches, inflated shoulder problems and much more, but beyond these, there is one particular body part that is affected and we don’t pay much heed to it. That’s your butt.

When your gluteus medius, one of the three major muscles in your buttocks, fails to fire, your butt feels like its dead. Gluteal Amnesia, or commonly known as Dead Butt Syndrome. Though the name sounds to be funny, the condition and its risks are not. It is high time that everyone tied to their desk for long hours start taking care of their body.

The syndrome is considered by irritation of tendons in one of the three muscles in your buttocks, so they ache and thump. It also leads to lower back pain or sore hips as these body parts are trying to do the work of your inactive loot. Train and teach those muscles to fire with specific exercises. You'll eradicate pain and feel more powerful during a difficult workout.

So, if you are sitting next to your desk for a longer time, it is time that you take some action to repair your dead butt muscles.

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