Solitude Has Many Benefits to Offer!

By First Posted: Jun 8, 2018 Fri 2:52 AM Updated: Feb 18, 2020 Tue 3:18 PM
Solitude Has Many Benefits to Offer!
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Often we get confused between enjoying solitude and depression. Enjoying one's own company is called enjoying solitude. Being alone, and enjoying it, is not the same as depression. Enjoying solitude is a great thing, and it has many benefits to offer. It is becoming very hard for us today to find solitude or enjoy it. We are constantly bombarded with so much information and so many things to do, that even when we are alone - we are not truly alone. We are either reading emails or checking out a friend's FB page. We are constantly trying to Connect with oher people. This is why we are losing the connection with ourself!

Solitude helps in self assessment and planning. When you are truly alone, you think about your goals, achievements and true feelings about life. This thought process helps you in assessing yourself and making plans for the future. This self assessment helps in improving productivity at work.

Solitude also helps us in listening to our inner voice. Often we don't reveal our true feelings to anyone. It is only when we are alone and think about an issue, that we realize our true feelings and find our inner voice telling us what to do.

Solitude gives us a clarity of mind and thoughts. This helps us in improving our relationships and quality of life. 

But to enjoy this solitude, you will need to find motivation and make an effort. Just being alone will not reap any benefits for you. You have to make a decision to disconnect from the world - turn off your phone etc. Only then you can enjoy an hour of this precious solitude!


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