Teach Your Children How to be Safe

By First Posted: Jun 7, 2018 Thu 1:29 AM
Teach Your Children How to be Safe
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If there is one fear that hounds all parents all over the world, it is the fear of something bad happening to their little ones. We hear about so many painful incidents every day that we have developed this fear for the safety of our children. But being afraid is of no use, unless you take steps to ensure the safety of your children.

We all strive to provide a safe and secure environment for our children at home. But what happens when our children go outside the safety of home? Are they really safe at school or in the park? It is impossible for you to be present to guard your children every minute. This is why your children must be made aware of safety issues and they should be told how to be safe.

How Can Children be Safe?

- Tell them about Stranger Danger. No talking to strangers or taking candy/toys from a stranger.

- Tell them if a stranger approaches them, or makes them uncomfortable, they should RUN to a grown up they know like parents or teacher.

- Make sure your child knows your name, phone number and address.

- Children should also know how to call the police.

- Children should never be left home alone, even for a minute.

- Children should know that they are not allowed to open the door for anyone. If you are in the washroom and the doorbell rings, your children are NOT TO open the door.

- If your child is separated from you in a busy mall, she should know how to seek help. She should walk to the closest store, and explain the issue to the store employees.

- If someone tries to grab your children, they should know that screaming at the tops of their voices might scare away the kidnapper.

- Children should never talk to people online without their parent's knowledge.

These tips will work only if you have an honest conversation with your children about how sometimes children get kidnapped etc. Once they know the dangers lurking around, they will be more accepting of any useful information in this matter.

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