Blue Tea: the Latest Tea Fad!

By First Posted: Jun 3, 2018 Sun 1:07 PM
Blue Tea: the Latest Tea Fad!
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Do you know there are different flavors and colors of tea that we consume every day? There is always a way healthier than you might have imagined. A new drive that has been giving competition to your morning green, is seeing peoples in the city sip on a fresh new beverage — blue tea.

Why is 'blue' red hot?

A caffeine-free option, blue tea is somewhat sharper than a chamomile and works well for mornings. Blue tea is like a medicinal brew, like what we would have in Ayurveda. The tea is a visual delight, too. “Earlier, it was green then it was white and now it’s blue.” These teas are healthy, popular and made from leaves that are processed differently than normal.

Key benefits of blue tea

- Packed with antioxidants that boost the immune system.

- Detoxifies the liver.

- Keeps skin glowing.

- Strengthens hair and prevents hair fall.

- Improves eyesight.

Despite the name, blue tea is entirely different from the green tea you’re used to. Blue tea is made from completely different leaves that don’t have the same effects as the popular Japanese stuff. Blue tea is made from butterfly pea powder which lacks the antioxidants and caffeine as green tea.

So, try drinking the new brew for morning freshness.

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