How to Say NO to Your Little Children

By First Posted: Jun 1, 2018 Fri 3:57 AM Updated: Feb 14, 2020 Fri 9:01 AM
How to Say NO to Your Little Children
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If there is one truth that everyone agrees on - it is that little babies are adorable. One look, one smile can make your heart melt! But as our babies grow up into toddlers, they start becoming more demanding. Little children do not like to hear NO to anything. If they demand a new toy or a visit to the park at dinner time, or anything else that you do not agree with - they will not take No. They become stubborn and adamant, demanding that you bow down and agree.

This is where your parenting skills will be tested. Typically, some parents will get angry and ask the child to behave. The child will get scared and probably stop this behaviour. Some parents will keep placating the child, to no effect. Then they will end up giving in to the child's demands. But good parenting is something different. It requires that you neither get mad at your little one, nor you give in. So how to do say No to them?

Say No, without Actually Saying No!

The most effective method is Diverting attention of your child to something else. For example if you come home from work and your daughter says she needs a new Barbie doll right away, it is very likely that you do not wish to agree. But if you say No, she will probably throw a tantrum. Try saying something like, "Yes we can get a Barbie doll later. But how about having a tea party for all your dolls right now?" This suggestion is very likely to get your daughter excited and engaged in the tea party activity, she will probably forget about the new doll!

Another way to tackle the same situation is to start talking about something related that interests your child. When she is asking for her Barbie, try saying, "You know, I saw a real life Barbie at my conference yesterday. She was a real person, who looked just like the doll. Do you want to see a video of her?" After watching the real life Barbie video, she will probably move on to another ideo and forget about the doll.

The last way to handle this situation (if nothing else works) is to be the mean mom. Tell her she cannot buy the doll right now, she will have to wait till the weekend. When she asks why, yu can safely use the "Because I said so!" No kid likes to hear this, but they just have to, sometimes.

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