Fans Turn Shahid into a Desi Thor!

By First Posted: May 31, 2018 Thu 12:47 PM
Fans Turn Shahid into a Desi Thor!
Image Credit: indiatimes

We all love the movie Avengers and its characters. Well, have you ever imagined Bollywood stars playing the characters from the same? Chris Hemsworth also known as Thor had once said that he would love to work in Bollywood on or off chance if he is offered an implausible content. In any case, we don’t generally need him to play a Desi variant of Thor, correct? In any case, if that ever happens, not Chris Hemsworth, but rather individuals are fascinated by observing Shahid Kapoor in that part.

Shahid Kapoor seems to be the man who has jammed the attention of Indian superhero lovers, by posting his recent picture holding a hammer just like that of Thor. And we simply couldn’t agree more with his fans. It is a picture from his workout where he is just so fit to be a dashing superhero aka Thor. Though Chris Hemsworth has his own charm, but Shahid is no less, is he?

Shahid’s fans are so much in love with him that they have actually photoshopped Shahid’s face with that of Chris in the Thor outfit and posted it on Twitter. Do you want to see Shahid in a desi Thor avatar? Well, I do for sure.

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