Are You Feeling Tired All the Time?

By First Posted: May 31, 2018 Thu 1:11 AM
Are You Feeling Tired All the Time?
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Feeling tired at the end of a long day is natural. But if you feel tired all the time, there is something going on! If you feel like your body has no energy, if you feel lethargic and just want to sleep, you need to find out why.

Here are a few reasons why you may be experiencing that low energy.

- The very first reason could be Anaemia. A large percentage of women are anaemic, without realizing it. Low energy is a symptom of low Haemoglobin, so you should get your blood checked asap. If you are anaemic indeed, try to increase your conusmption of foods rich in Iron like green leafy vegetables etc. Also consider getting an iron supplement.

- Hyperthyroidism is another health issue that causes slugishness in the body. If you have also been losing weight, you should definitely get your Thyroid levels tested too.

- Dehydration is another big reason for slugishness and mood swings. If you don't drink enough water, your muscles and tissues also get dehydrated and make you feel tired and lazy. So keep your body well hydrated at all times.

- Getting your blood sugar levels tested is also a good idea beacuse Diabetes also causes tiredness and low energy in the body.

- One of the least known reasons for tiredness is Depression. Anyone suffering from depression will usually want to spend a lot of time in bed. The idea of getting out and facing the world is too tough so the mind and body work together to make you feel sluggish.

- Last but not the least, do you sleep well? If you are not getting enough sleep in the night, your body will make up for it during the day by being sluggish. So ditch the cellphone and enjoy your beauty sleep!

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