5 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Swim!

By First Posted: May 30, 2018 Wed 1:55 AM
5 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Swim!
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Most young parents send their children for swimming lessons these days, especially in the big cities. We all agree that it is a great life skill that our children should learn and enjoy. But what about us?

When we were little, there were not as many avenues for us to learn or pursue a sport like swimming. Even the society was not as open as it is today. Parents were not very keen to send their daughters to learn a sport that required them to dress in a skimpy outfit. So most of us ladies never learnt to swim. But things have changed now. Today is as good a day as any other to learn swimming!

5 Reasons Why You Should Learn to Swim

1. Lose Weight: This is one very big reason why you need to learn to swim. Swimming is a great total body workout that helps in losing weight and keeping it off!

2. Improve Posture and Flexibility: Swimming improves the position of spinal cord, strengthens and relaxes muscles, improving flexibility and posture.

3. Great Way to Cool Off: We live in a country where it is hot for 9 months in a year. Swimming pools are very inviting in the scorching heat if you know how to swim!

4. Easy on the Joints: A lot of people who are trying to lose weight are unable to workout because of the pressure on joints that most traditional workouts deliver. But swimming is easy on the joints. Water's bouancy works against gravity and so you can enjoy a workout without harming those knees. Great, right?

5. Great Life Skill: Imagine being in a situation where you or a loved one is drowning! How sad it would be to be able to do nothing? If you know how to swim, you can possibly save someone's life if you find yourself in that kind of situation. 

In this age of pool parties, not knowing how to swim is a social handicap. So go and sign up for a swim class today!

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