Get Fit with the Run-Walk-Run Method

By First Posted: May 26, 2018 Sat 4:31 AM
Get Fit with the Run-Walk-Run Method
Image Credit: Plaza Fitness

If you have heard or read about the i mmense benefits of running, you must have considered it at some point as an activity to pursue. But most people who have never run, are scared of even trying. Most people believe that they just can't run - don't have the strength or stamina to do it. If you are one of such people, here is a trick that will help you start running.

Jeff Galloway developed the RWR (Run-Walk-Run) Method in 1974 and it is helping athletes even today. People who train for running marathons swear by the effectiveness of this method. The best thing is, even novice runners or people with no fitness history can start running with this method.

To get going with your RWR activity, you just need an app on your phone to track time and distance. Start with small goals with respect to distnace and slowly increase them to 10km or more. You will run for 45 seconds, then walk for 45 seconds, then run for 45 seconds and so on. The time spent walking will help you regain your breath and the interval training will help you immensly in reaching your fitness or weight goals. So just go RWR!

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