1 Big Reason Why You Should Not Follow the Popular 5:2 Diet!

By First Posted: May 22, 2018 Tue 1:33 PM
1 Big Reason Why You Should Not Follow the Popular 5:2 Diet!
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Have you ever heard about 5:2 dietary plan? Well, the 5:2 diet, which is commonly known as 'The Fast Diet', encompasses confining your calorie ingesting to 25 percent of your energy (calorie) needs on two non-consecutive fasting days, and eating normally the other five days of the week.

Do you think 5:2 diet is something one should follow when pertaining to lose weight and tightening body muscles? Every diet has its cons and the fast diet is not diverse. A common delusion is that light fasting will send your body into famishment mode, which strains your metabolism and leads your body to burn muscle instead of fat. It takes many successive days of hard fasting to create this ordeal in your body and the 5:2 Diet will not do this. There are real downsides to this diet that needs to be focused on before following it.

Unlike diets that tell you exactly what to eat and when to eat it, the 5:2 diet doesn’t have food limitations. That means you can eat a bucket of ice cream 5 nights a week and technically be submissive with the diet. For some people, this much sovereignty is too much. Overindulgence makes us fat and unhealthy and it’s not limited by this program. If you want to be truly healthy and naturally thin, you’ll have to make intelligent choices all days of the week, not just 2. There are people who report following the diet flawlessly and not losing a pound. If you overdo the day after fasting, you won’t lower your overall calorie intake, and you won’t lose weight.

So, make sure you think it through before opting for 5:2 dietary plan.

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