Did You Know Stress Affects Your Weight???

By First Posted: May 19, 2018 Sat 4:49 PM
Did You Know Stress Affects Your Weight???
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Are you worried about gaining weight and you have no idea how? Well, have you considered stressing and tension as a catalyst that aids in weight gain? You may have heard that stress can affect your body in many ways and that your waistline is a particularly notable victim of stress. Sadly, this is true.

When we are under stress, our body leads to release various hormones, including cortisol. When we have more cortisol in our body, we may hanker less healthy food options like snacks containing high sugar and fat content, and this can affect weight. Your body handles stressors differently. From chemical alleyways to social changes, a lot can happen in response to stress.

These changes can affect digestion, appetite, and ultimately, weight in many ways. Under circumstances of stress, adrenal responses in the body are triggered. This response is known as the fight or flight response. Glycogen in the liver and muscle tissue are activated for use as a quick energy source. Whether we're stressed because of demands at work or we're really in danger, our bodies respond like we're about to be injured and need to fight for our lives. To answer this need, we experience a spurt of energy, shifts in metabolism and blood flow, and other changes.

So, make sure that you stress out less so that you can avoid gaining unnecessary weight.

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