There is A Diet to Fix Financial Mess???

By First Posted: May 18, 2018 Fri 5:41 AM
 There is A Diet to Fix Financial Mess???
Image Credit: Credit Smart

What do people do when they feel they are getting out of shape?

They diet, right? 

So it makes sense that when your finances are gettig out of shape, a diet should be able to fix that too!

We are talking about the "Cash Only" diet. If you feel you cannot keep account of your expenses any more, if your credit card bills are mounting every month - this diet is for you.

How to? Cash only diet is exactly what you think it is. You have to commit to using paper currency only for ALL expenses. This is easier said than done. Making this change will need a lot of commitment from you. But the results are totally worth it. When you stop using your plastic money, you will feel like you are once again regaining control over your money, expenses and budget.

This diet works on the simple funda that when you feel currency notes going out of your pocket, the expenses and money you spend really do sink in. But when you just swipe a card, your brain does not get the full import of having made that purchase.

SO if you wish to cut out unnecessary expenses, save some money, and stop paying unnecessary interest and fees to credit card companies, go Cash Only!

It is worth mention, like all diets, the Cash Only diet can only be a temporary arrangement for your finances to get back into shape. Cash Only cannot really be a way of life!

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