Tips for Making Your Child's Bedtime Easy

By First Posted: May 15, 2018 Tue 5:20 AM Updated: Jan 21, 2020 Tue 8:18 AM
Tips for Making Your Child's Bedtime Easy
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Bed times are usually hard for young parents, especially if you have little munchkin who just doesn't want to sleep! Kids have that endless energy and enthusiasm which makes them want to play, play and play some more. They just don't realize that they are tired or sleepy. To a little child, time spent sleeping is time wasted! This is why a lot of parents with little children struggle at bed times, spending hours trying to put their children to bed.

Tips for Making Bedtime Easy

- Start by fixing a time that your children are supposed to go to bed. This has to be a rule and not one to be broken every other day!

- Observe your child to see if she is getting enough sleep. If she falls asleep within 15-20 minutes after going to bed, wakes up in the morning without a fuss, remains active throughout the day, and does not keeping nodding off during the day - she is getting enough sleep.

- Develop a bed time routine for the whole family. So you could all change into your pyjamas or night clothes to prepare for the sleep time. Brushing teeth is a part of this routine too. As the child goes through this routine, she will slowly start feeling sleepy by habit.

- Make sure to turn off all TVs, tablets and other screens at least an hour before sleep time. Screens keep most of our children awake till late in the night, so there must be a shutoff time.

- After getting ready for bed, tuck your child in and spend some time in activities like talking, telling jokes or storie, reading a story book etc. These activities help you in sharing a special time with your child and gently eases her into sleep.

- Avoid eating big meals right before sleep time.

- Avoid fatty or sugary meals/snacks before bed time.

- If your child wants a snack, a glass of milk or a bowl of cereal is good enough. Try to keep sugar to a minimum. The sugar keeps them hyper active so is best avoided.

If you follow these tips and develop a bed time routine, slowly you will find that putting children to bed is not that hard at all!


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