Is It Ok to Workout Without a Bra?

By First Posted: May 2, 2018 Wed 5:02 AM
Is It Ok to Workout Without a Bra?
Image Credit: Huffington Post

As people become more fitness conscious, everyone is now aware about the use and benefits of wearing a sports bra. But often ladies find themselves in a situation where they are at a gym but without a bra. Is it ok to exercise without a bra or is it a complete No?

Experts agree that exercising without a bra will stretch and sag your muscles over a period of time. But exercising without your sports bra once will not do much harm.

Having said that, if you ever find yourself in a gym but forget to bring a sports bra, the best thing is to keep your workout restricted to less strenous activity. Avoid too much jumping or intense cardio activity. But it is okay to do stretching exercises and lift weights.

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