PM Modi Has a Doppelganger!

By First Posted: Apr 29, 2018 Sun 11:19 PM
PM Modi Has a Doppelganger!
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Do you know, PM Modi has a doppelganger? Yes, you heard me right, sixty-four-year-old Ramachandran, a native of Payyannur in Kerala's Kannur district has an outstanding similitude to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Ramachandran will soon be seen in a Kannada film about demonetization, playing the role of the Prime Minister himself.

Ramachandran, who is already a luminary, is now all set for his acting debut with a Kannada movie. And the best part is, Ramachandran won't have to undergo many changes because he will be playing PM Modi in the film, that's reportedly based on demonetization.

Allegedly, Kannada filmmaker Appi Prasad has roped in MP Ramachandran to play PM Modi on screen for his understandable similarity in a film on demonetization and the movie's title is 'Statement 8/11'. It will also show how demonetization changed the society.

When Ramachandran was asked about his indulgence in his upcoming movie on demonetization, he said, “They wanted me to act as the Prime Minister in their movie on demonetization.” He further added, “They even made changes to their script to include Modi's character.”

We are very excited about the movie on PM Modi. Are you excited to see PM Modi’s doppelganger in an upcoming movie on Demonetization?

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