5 Signs He/She is Not the Right Guy/Girl for You.

By First Posted: Apr 29, 2018 Sun 10:00 PM Updated: Feb 6, 2019 Wed 8:07 AM
5 Signs He/She is Not the Right Guy/Girl for You.
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Being in a relationship sounds really exciting, but to know if you are with the right person is a tough task to achieve. There is always an anxiety and a sense of defensiveness when it comes to finding your soulmate. Having doubts in a relationship is not unusual - how can you ever be completely certain you’re with the right person? So, if you are in a relationship and still confused if you’re with your soulmate or not, here we have 5 signs that will help you identify if he/she is not the right partner for you.

1>     You have different core values: Core values are non-negotiable. If there are some differences between you and your partner and it is on something you believe on, you should prepare to move on as the relationship will not last for much longer.

2>     They take you for granted: If you do not get to call all the shots in your relationship, it’s not well-balanced. The point when the average couple starts taking each other for granted it is a sign that your partner is not right for you.

3>     They don’t respect you: Relationships call for mutual admiration between equals. But lack of respect can be an evident itself in various ways, including verbal or emotional abuse, and being passive-aggressive. This sign is a true factor that your relationship is not going anywhere.

4>     They don’t care about your emotional or sexual needs: If your partner expects you to drop everything and compromise to suit him or her, they’re not giving any thought to your own needs. The satisfaction part of your relationship is a core need.

5>     Being negative about everything: If your partner is all negative every time and seems delusional to your decision making, the relationship is imbalanced. From traffic to your future together, if every damn thing makes your partner grunt and roll his/her eyes and go off on a curve about how everything sucks and there’s no point, you are better off alone.

So, above few signs will help you identify if you are with your right partner or not.

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