Why is Infertility on the Rise in Young India?

By First Posted: Apr 26, 2018 Thu 5:18 AM Updated: Feb 5, 2019 Tue 8:54 AM
Why is Infertility on the Rise in Young India?
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The recent concern that is hindering the population of the nation is the rise of infertility level in young India. Yes, you heard me right, the infertility rate in India has increased by about more than 20% since last two years and is in an imbalance stage and far from stability.

Infertility is no longer a township occurrence, nor is it curbed to women. In a growing and alarming trend, the problem of infertility in men is moving out of purely urban settings and is surfacing in tier II and tier III cities too.

Defining the core cause of infertility is a multifaceted process and it involves a lot of exploration and investigations. Ranging from the simple and visible problem of cyst, fibroid or hormonal imbalance to a very complex genetic disorder or even due to some occupational hazards like exposure to chemical substances or radioactive elements; it can be anything.

The doctors blamed the alarming increase in infertility rates on lifestyle vicissitudes resulting in stress and obesity caused by lack of physical exercise, changes in eating habits and pollution accompanied by medical disorders like diabetes.

Nearly close to 100 couples need sterility treatment and the numbers are snowballing. The problem is people take their bodies for granted. It is important that we make sure to alarm ourselves with the rising issues that are causing infertility so to prevent it in the coming future.


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