CBSE Takes Steps to Tackle Child Obesity

By First Posted: Apr 23, 2018 Mon 12:07 AM
CBSE Takes Steps to Tackle Child Obesity
Image Credit: New Era School

CBSE has introduced mandatory physical fitness course for children in class 9 and above. As you may be well aware, children already have a few physical education (games) periods every week. But most of the children prefer to spend these periods gossiping or whiling away their time here and there. The teachers don't take much interest in physical education of children either. In fact, most Physical Education teachers are more involved in discipling school children instead of their physical well being!

CBSE has decided to change this. So now all children will have a sports period every day and they will be given scores for their performance in these classes. The idea is to encourage kids to be more involved in physical activity and fitness. It is certainly a great move. But will it achieve the desired results?

It is quite likely that schools will award good scores in physical education to everyone, so that their students can get good overall scores!

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