Do You Sometimes Go to Pee, 'Just in Case'?

By First Posted: Apr 20, 2018 Fri 3:46 AM Updated: Feb 2, 2019 Sat 8:57 AM
Do You Sometimes Go to Pee, 'Just in Case'?
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Sasha has instilled one habit in her 3 children - always go pee pee before getting into bed at night. Most of us follow this rule. But is it okay to go pee even if you do not feel the urge? Often when we are going out, we will do the same thing. Use washroom, just in case you feel the urge later on!

Experts say that this 'just in case' peeing is not good for our body. Our urinary system is very advanced. The brian is given a signal to go pee when bladder is half full. This is why we can hold pee for hours even if we feel the urge. But if we keep going to urinate without feeling the urge, this will send a signal to our body that bladder needs to be emptied much before it is half full. Slowly, body will start sending signal to the brain for peeing when bladder is only a little full!

This is why you should not pee 'just in case'.

The good news is that just like going to pee too often changes body's urination freuency, you can reverse this just by holding pee for a little time. Gradually you can get back to the original urination frequency!

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