How to be Fashionable in 40s and 50s

By First Posted: Apr 19, 2018 Thu 1:33 AM Updated: Jan 27, 2019 Sun 1:14 AM
How to be Fashionable in 40s and 50s
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There is huge pressure today for everyone to look good and stylish. No matter how young or old you are, you are forever competing with someone else in the looks department! If the ladies at your kitty party turn up in stylish skirts and pants, how can you be seen in a salwar kameez? This dilemma is troubling a lot of middle aged women today. They feel this pressure to dress in Western outfits and look stylish, even if they are not entirely comfortable doing it. So we bring you today a few tips on how to be fashionable in 40s and 50s.

Fashion Tips for the 40s and 50s

- Indo-Western is great! If you don't feel comfortable wearing a short top with your jeans, try wearing a kurti instead. Indo-Western outfits are both stylish and comfortable. So go for them!

- Less is More! If you have been fashionable all your life, it is time to tone it down a little. Say NO to big chunky earrings or loud necklaces. This is your time to be classy so go for low-key but expensive and classy pieces when buying jewelery.

- Don't Dress Them Up! We are talking about jeans. Jeans are an item of clothing that will always be fashionable for all ages. But when you are on the wrong side of 40, avoid very loud or garish jeans. So avoid wearing jeans with big belts, stone embellishments, too tight ones, or ones colored pink! Keep it low key and classy!

- Get Comfortable! For your feet, always buy comfortable but fashionable shoes from a good designer. Avoid stilletos or oter high heel that make your feet hurt!

- Don't Flash It! It is super important to keep everything out of sight even if you are aiming for a sexy look. Don't wear very short skirt or a very low cut blouse. We are not asking you to button up to the neck, but leave some things to imagination!

The mantra to stylish middle age is "classy and low key!"

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