Why Did Rajesh Kumar aka Rosesh Sarabhai Quit Acting?

By First Posted: Apr 15, 2018 Sun 11:01 PM
Why Did Rajesh Kumar aka Rosesh Sarabhai Quit Acting?
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Every year innumerable people make their way to Mumbai, hoping to make a career in the glamour world. It is hard to understand why a successful actor like Rajesh Kumar would suddenly quit his acting career and leave Mumbai! Everyone knows Rajesh Kumar as the goofy mama's boy in Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai. Rosesh Kumar is so firmly etched in our memories that it is difficult to separate the man from this character! Rajesh has also been on various other shows, both fiction and comedy. He was doing quite well in the TV industry when he decided to quit. Why?

Rajesh Kumar has left Mumbai and moved to a little village. He is trying to make this village a smart village! He has already brought the villagers electricity with his efforts. Rajesh says he does not miss anything about Mumbai even though he has already been living in the village for over six months now. He wakes up early in the morning, attends to the farm animals and goes to check on the farmland just like any other villager! When asked what prompted this change, he reveals his father had been urging him to do something for their ancestral village. "I was sitting under a mango tree, somewhere around here, and that was when it struck me, almost like Buddha’s story."

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