How to Introduce Kids to Chores

By First Posted: Apr 8, 2018 Sun 1:46 AM Updated: Dec 10, 2019 Tue 5:24 AM
How to Introduce Kids to Chores
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If you have little school going kids, you know parenting is not easy. Your children are little enough to be still dependent on you for many things. But they are old enough to have needs and demands that require both time and effort! One major issue for moms with little children is cleaning up. These little munchkins are eager to explore. They love to paint and they love getting messy even more! They have loads of toys that you find hard to put away again and again! How about getting your kids to contribute?

It is proven that kids who are brought up with the responsibility of chores grow up into more responsible adults. They also learn important life skills early on. So what are you waiting for? It is time to get your munchkins to contribute and help.

Tip to Get Started

- Start with very little things. For example, "Honey will you please bring me my purse from my desk?" Or "Can you please take this empty plate and give to your mom in kitchen?"

- The next (will be your favorite) is to have them put away their toys. Show you little one how to sort and put away toys. Buy some bins and boxes that they find easy to handle and show them how to organize their room. Do it with them for a week or so. Then encourage them to DIY.

- When you feel they are ready and old enough, give them tasks with more skill and responsibility. Again, show them firts, then do it with them, then encourage them to DIY. These tasks can range from dusting furniture, folding laundry to chopping vegetables and assisting in kitchen!

You will find that little kids don't mind chores, they might even enjoy this activity! But as they grow older, things change. Tweens, especially are hard to deal with. When you find it hard to get your child to do chores, try using carrots! Link benefits like pocket money and TV time with chores. You will see amazing results!

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