Dietary Sources of Iron You Must Consume

By First Posted: Apr 6, 2018 Fri 4:09 AM Updated: Jan 10, 2019 Thu 7:36 AM
Dietary Sources of Iron You Must Consume
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There are 2 most important nutrients for women - Calcium and Iron. Both of these minerals are very important for proper health and functioning of body. But often we find women are deficient in one or both of these minerals. The daily Iron requirement for women is actually double that for men. This is simply because we lose a lot every month by way of menstruation! If you feel tired and devoid of energy, perk yourself up by eating iron rich food.

Iron Rich Food You sHould Include in Your Family's Diet

- Whole grains

- Pulses & Beans

- Nuts & Seeds

- Green Leafy vegetables like Kale, Spinach etc

- Egg yolks

- Dried Fruit

- Meat, fish & Tofu

- Liver

Try to include as much iron as possible in your family's diet. This will keep everyone healthy and peppy!

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