Tips to Reduce Fuel Consumption of Your Car

By First Posted: Apr 2, 2018 Mon 1:10 PM Updated: Jan 6, 2019 Sun 5:02 PM
Tips to Reduce Fuel Consumption of Your Car
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Fuel consumption is very important in these days to maintain a proper car efficiency and curtail spending regular money on gas. Have you ever wanted to lessen your gas feasting so that you don't have to visit the gas station often? It takes several simple tips and tricks, from planning your trip efficiently to giving your car a regular examination.

Here below are some tips to reduce fuel consumption of your car:

> Set the car tires to the proper inflation: If the car tires are properly inflated, the usage of fuel will be minimized. Properly inflated tires can reduce fuel consumption by up to 3%. It is suggested to check tires at least monthly or bi-weekly. Having properly inflated tires will also help you avoid uneven wear on the tread.

> Tune up the engine: A tuned engine takes full advantage of the power and can significantly augment fuel efficiency. Beware, though, that many tuners will disable efficiency measures when tuning for power.

> Lighten your load. Weight is one of the biggest causes for loss of a car's energy. Get the lightest car that will serve your needs. Take the extra weight from your car. An extra weight of 100 pounds increases fuel consumption by 1-2%.

> Replace the fuel filter according to the car manufacturer's recommended schedule: This will go a long way to enhancing fuel efficiency. Replacing fuel filter actually enhances the capacity of the car to increase the mileage and helps in reduction of fuel consumption.

So above tips will surely help to reduce fuel consumption of your car.


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