Tips to Get a Flatter Belly

By First Posted: Mar 23, 2018 Fri 3:48 AM Updated: Nov 22, 2019 Fri 7:09 PM
Tips to Get a Flatter Belly
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No matter how slim you might be, after 40 years of age, our bellies begin to lose shape. They begin to swell up and sag. If you are slim, it might ot be very noticeable. If you are overweight, your belly will become a sore point of distress for you. The middle is easiest to pile on weight on, but it is the hardest to lose the flab from! 

How to Lose Belly Weight

1. Contrary to what you have been led to believe, crunches are not a magic formul that will fix your problem. There are many other things you need to do before you start crunching those abs.

2. Start by watching your diet. Every time you want to eat pizza or drink a can of beer, just imagine it as being stuck to your middle for the rest of your life! Eat wholesome nutritious food on a daily basis. Indugle yourself with the unhealthy and yummy stuff only once a week - your cheat day!

3. Start exercising your core. Aerobics and core exercises will help you in becoming fitter and losing weight overall.

4. Build muscle by doing weights. Muscles help in improving metabolism and also make you look lean.

5. Now is the time to sculpt your abs with crunches and other ab exercises.

6. Avoid eating late dinner. In fact, avoid any meals after 6 pm.

7. Add kickboxing to your workout for quick results. Kickboxing works out the core muscles and helps in losing inches fast from your midsection.

8. Cut down on sugar and salt. If you must have it, replace regular table salt with low sodium salt or rock salt.

9. Try to eat something every 3 hours. Small snacks like fruit, carrots, almonds etc are a great way of keeping your body energised.

10. Keep up a positive frame of mind and do not obsess over your weight or shape. The goal is to feel good in your skin and enjoy life!

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