Refresh Yourself with Infused Water

By First Posted: Feb 27, 2018 Tue 4:14 AM
Refresh Yourself with Infused Water
Image Credit: Annabel Karmel

Everyone is ravig about infused water these days. Do know what it is?

Infused water is simply water that is infused with flavours and vitamins from fruit, herbs etc. It is very easy and simple to make your own infused water. Just fill up a glass jar or jug with fresh water. Add your favorite flavours eg slices of lemon or orange. Leave for an hour before you drink. You will love these concoctions!

Benefits of Infused Water

- Water tastes very nice and refreshing. You end up drinking more water than usual - which is a good thing!

- You get some benefits from these concoctions - eg if you use citrus, you get Vitamin C.

- Great way to detox!

- You find yourseld drinking less of soda or caffeine based drinks.

- Infused waters are great for your health and skin.

So chop up your favorite fruit/herbs and make a jar of infused water!

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