Easy Tips to Improve Your Vocabulary

By First Posted: Feb 21, 2018 Wed 3:10 AM Updated: Nov 29, 2018 Thu 7:45 AM
Easy Tips to Improve Your Vocabulary
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Unlike many other countries in Europe and Asia, India has adopted English language so well that it is now one of the most spoken languages in our country. From North to South, English language seems to break all barriers and people are speaking the language more and more. Not only is speaking the English language a common skill required for good jobs, it is also considered a social skill that allows you entry into many social circles.

Do you find yourself struggling with wods in English? If you feel you need to work on your vocabulary, today Memsaab brings you easy tips to do so.

Tips to Improve English Vocabulary

1. Read books. When you read books, you come across new words and you also see the context in which they are being used.

2. Watch English TV. This allows you to gain an insight into how to use big words in your day to day conversations.

3. Note it down. Whenever youcome across a new word, note it down in a diary. Note down its meaning and usage. Go through these notes every day.

4. Use new words. All the new words in your diary will become a part of your vocabulary only after you start using them in daily conversation.

5. Use your phone. There are many apps that will help you in learning new words and improving your vocabulary. Make use of this tool!

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