Why Do the Chinese Adore Aamir Khan?

By First Posted: Feb 20, 2018 Tue 9:34 AM
Why Do the Chinese Adore Aamir Khan?
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Aamir Khan's lastest film was Secret Superstar. The film received a mixed response in India. But surprisingly, it has been hugely successful in China. In fact, the film has already grossed over 900 crore in the Chinese market! Aamir Khan's previous films like Dangal, PK and 3 Idiots have also been very successful in China. But Secret Superstar has surpassed all of these films to become the actor's most successful film in China.

Aamir Khan is so popular in China that he even has a nickname there - Chinese fans know our Aamir Khan as Uncle Mi.

Aamir's films are popular, but he is even more popular in China. He was rated the most popular foreign star in China last year. He has huge fan following on social media and his films seem to connect with the Chinese masses. His popularity in China reminds us of Raj Kapoor's popularity in Russia a few decades ago! It is hard to pinpoint exactly why the Chinese adore our desi actor but they do!

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