Signs You are Ageing Much Faster Than You Should

By First Posted: Feb 16, 2018 Fri 4:00 AM
Signs You are Ageing Much Faster Than You Should
Image Credit: DHI Gloabl

Do you ever get the feeling that you are not as old as you feel? Do you sometimes feel too tired and low on energy? If yes, it is probably because you are not in sync with your body. So your body is ageing faster than you are!

Signs Your Body is Ageing Faster than You

1. Hair loss - A very common sign of ageing is hair loss. It is not the scalp hair alone. Loss of hair from other parts of your body is also linked to ageing.

2. Weak Muscles - You find yourself losing muscle strength. You are unable to lift heavy objects or weights like you used to.

3. Wrinkles - If you can spot them in the mirror - it is a wakeup call!

4. Muffin Top - A large middle is highlight of untimely ageing. It is also related to poor health and disease.

5. Sleep Problems - If you find yourself sleeping fitfully or waking up throughout the night - you are getting old!

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