Tips to Clean Your Hairbrush & Keep it Clean.

By First Posted: Feb 13, 2018 Tue 11:27 AM
Tips to Clean Your Hairbrush & Keep it Clean.
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It is equally important that you take care of your hairbrush just like you take care of your hair. You love coddling your hair so much that you overlook that your hair brush also needs pampering from time to time. Take some time to make sure you have clean hair brushes too.

Here we have some tips to clean your hairbrush and keep it clean:

Removing The Hair: First, remove all the hair with your fingers or a toothpick. Pick out as much hair as you can. You can also wet the hairbrush and comb under water this will soften the hair and it would be easy for you to remove them. Removing the hair can clean up your hairbrush to a much-needed extent.

Soak The Brush: For the remaining bits of hair and dust, soak the brush under warm water with a bit of baby shampoo or detergent. The warm water and cleanser will soften the dirt and debris in the hair bristles. You can also use vinegar and baking soda for cleaning hair brushes and combs.

Use A Toothbrush: You can use a toothbrush for cleaning the remains and left over in the bristles of the hair brushes and comb. It would be expedient to use a new toothbrush rather than old one. Rinse the combs and hair brushes well and use it to clean the soaked brush.

Dry The Brush: Take a sanitary cotton towel would be preferred, dry the combs and hair brushes and let the remaining water dry on its own. Keep them in some clean place to keep it away from dust sticking on it.

Repeat the above: After drying, again clean it with a dry towel so that the dust particles are removed if any are there in the hair brushes and comb. And, you are done.

So above few tips and steps will help you to keep your hairbrush clean and tidy.


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