Tips to Make the Most of Your Hotel Stay

By First Posted: Feb 11, 2018 Sun 1:23 AM
Tips to Make the Most of Your Hotel Stay
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If you are planning your summer vacation, you must be looking at various hotels and thinking of ways in which you could save money while still getting the most fun vacation. So today we bring you tips that will help you in making the most out of your hotel stay. These tips work best for 5 Star hotels, but many of these will also work for budget hotels.

How to Get the Best Bang for Your Buck While Staying at a Hotel

1. Try to check in as late as possible. Most people checking into a hotel are looking for budget or economy rooms. So are you, possibly. But when you check in very late, it is likely that the hotel does not have a budget room available. This is when they upgrade you to a more luxurious room at the budget price!

2. As soon as you arrive at the desk for check-in, inform the staff that you follow the hotel on Instagram and that you will be taking lots of pictures at the hotel. Tell them you will be tagging the and also writing reveiws. No hotel can afford to ignore guest reviews today. This is why they will offer you the best deals and services immediately!

3. Never miss breakfast! Vacation is a time to relax, but don't sleep so late that you miss breakfast. Most 5 star rooms come with a complimentary buffet breakfast. There is loads of food and drinks available. The best thing is to eat a heavy breakfast every morning. You will surely save some money on lunch!

4. Ask the staff for freebies. Do not feel shy about asking for guest freebies like slippers, robes etc.

5. If you are celebrating a birthday or an anniversary, make sure the hotel knows. They will offer you a complimentary cake!

6. If you have a back or neck issue, ask t he staff for the pillow menu. These days most hotels offer a wide variety of pillows keeping in mind such health issues.

7. If you travel to the same destination again, it is a great idea to stay at the same hotel. They might offer you a discount for returning guests!

Enjoy your vacation!

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