4 Tips on How to Deal with Your Baby's Over-Protective Grandmother!

By First Posted: Jan 28, 2018 Sun 1:12 PM
4 Tips on How to Deal with Your Baby's Over-Protective Grandmother!
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Grandmothers are always a flag bearer of protection and care when it comes to their grandsons. If your baby’s grandmother is over-protective, it is the love and the affection that makes her do so. Sometimes in order to make them understand the cushion of nurturing and hard labor, it is important to get your kid out to the real world. However, many times your baby’s overprotective grandmother can be a hindrance, thinking of her grandson’s safety, but make sure that you deal with your baby’s overprotective grandmother to make them understand the need of the time.

Here we have 4 tips to deal with your baby’s overprotective grandmother:

Remember, they mean well: When your parents are offering advice on how to care for your little one, it's easy to hear then done. It's normal for new parents to go into the self-justifying mode when your parents offer advice, but what your parents are really saying is that they want to feel helpful. So, make them feel as a part of your family.

Get on the same page: It's important that you and your spouse are in the same page about how you're going to raise your kids, and that you stand as a united front when your child’s grandparents question you on it. Make your baby’s grandmother understand that you want the same for your kid.

Say it with a smile: Grandparents will often argue on trivial matters, such as whether or not the baby needs to wear a hat at all times, when bedtime should be and even what color to paint the nursery. Don't get angry; that's just a waste of energy, say with a smile that you are going to amend and the rest will be sorted.

Don’t criticize: The number one rule for grandparents is, above all, don’t criticize. No one likes to feel judged or blamed, most of us become defensive and angry when criticized, and then we shut down. Don’t criticize your child’s grandmother’s rather make them understand the flow of work.

So, above are the few tips to deal with your baby’s overprotective grandmother.


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