Tips on Getting Best Airfare Deals

By First Posted: Jan 27, 2018 Sat 7:10 AM
Tips on Getting Best Airfare Deals
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If you are planning a summer vacation with your family, this is the time to start looking for destinations and make arrangements. Most people now travel by air if the destination cannot be reached by road or rail in 6-7 hours. This is partly due to cheaper air travel available and partly because middle class can now afford air travel! Whether you are planning a short domestic getaway or a fortnight in Europe, everyone needs to know how to get the best airfare deals.

Tips for Finding Best Airfares

1. Start your search with Google Flights. If you are not happy, try other options like Hopper and Skyscanner. You will see far more airlines than you will find on Expedia or Makemytrip.

2. Every time you search for flights, make sure to delete cookies. This is because sites can place cookies on your system and keep track of your searches. If you search for same flights repeatedly, you may see prices start increasing over time!

3. You can get the best deals if you are flexible about dates. Weekdays are invariably cheaper than weekends.

4. It may be wise to have a few options in mind and then choose your destination after searching the airfares.

5. You can also try searching i a different currency. Sometimes it may turn out to be cheaper to pay in Dollars!

6. Lastly, timing of search is very important. Everyone knows that last minutes seats are very expensive. But did you know that booking too well in advance can also make your fares high? CheapAir has done some reasearch into relationship between booking time and pricing. It seems that prices begin to drop around 105 days before travel date. But the best deals can be found 54 days before a travel date. Any time later than 20 days before D Day will be expensive.

So now you know how to get the best bang for your buck when you buy air tickets!

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