When You Wish to Get Back Together with an Ex...

By First Posted: Jan 12, 2018 Fri 6:49 AM
When You Wish to Get Back Together with an Ex...
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Anyone who has ever had a breakup or gone through a divorce will agree that breaking a relationship is not easy. It is not very difficult to make the cut, but living with the reality of breakup is quite hard. This is especially true if you keep bumping into your ex every now and then. For example, if you work together or live in the same neighbourhood or go to the same college or have same group of friends - it is not possible to not see each other occassionally. It is on these occassions - when you start having second thoughts about the breakup.

If you are thinking of getting back together with an ex, there are a few  things to consider. Surely you can give your relationship another chance. But it will be quite foolish to go back into a relationship without thinking about it properly.

- The very first and most important thing to consider is - why did you break the relationship? Think about all the things that had lead you to take this decision. Are you willing to live with those things happening again?

- The second thing to consider is your own faults. Do you realize the mistakes you had made in this relationship? Are you willing to own up, apologize and try to not repeat those mistakes?

- Why do you wish to get back together? Is it just jealousy that he may be getting together with one of your friends? Is he too good looking to give up? Or are you really so much in love with him that you can't imagine being without him? 

These 3 things will help you decide if you should really get back together with your ex or not!

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