What Does Your Home Smell Like?

By First Posted: Dec 26, 2017 Tue 2:03 PM Updated: Oct 7, 2018 Sun 7:35 AM
What Does Your Home Smell Like?
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What is the first thing people notice when they visit your home?

It is not the colour of your walls or the couch in your living room. It is not even how clean or messy your home is. The first and most lasting impression of your home is made by the smell of it. What do people smell when they visit your space? Do they smell garlic being cooked, burnt milk, mould, flowers, spices, or something else?

Even though we love dishes cooked with onions and garlic, this is not the most pleasant of all smells! Similarly, a mouldy smell or strong smells from the kitchen are a turn off for most people. If you wish to make people fall in love with your home, give them a smell they love.

Spices like vanilla, cinnamon or even cardamom are well loved. Floral smells are always a hit with anyone. The smell of freshly baked goodies in the oven or freshly brewed coffee is a great one for any home. If you wish to bring home the spicy or floral scents, you could go for a room freshner. It is  cheap way to change the aroma of your home. But a much better way is to go for scented candles. There are many different aromas to choose from - a different one for each room, perhaps!

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