3 Important Changes to Your Diet That You Should Make in winters.

By First Posted: Dec 15, 2017 Fri 11:10 AM Updated: Dec 15, 2017 Fri 11:12 AM
3 Important Changes to Your Diet That You Should Make in winters.
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Winter weather affects more than just your wardrobe clothes and heating bill. Your body also experiences changes in energy levels, metabolism and even food preference. It is important that we take some extra measure to counter any ill impact from this chilly winter weather. It is also significant that we make a slight change in our dietary columns to keep our-self healthy and fit in the season of holidays.

By little modification on the diet, we can actually help to avoid many of the negative impacts winters has on our body. Here are 3 important changes to your diet that you should make in winters.

Root for Root vegetables: Root vegetables like beets, carrots and turnips can withstand the cold. You can reap the benefits of root veggies. Roast carrots for a boost of beta-carotene, or boil turnips for vitamins C and A.

Eating a high range of Mushrooms: Mushrooms are a great addition to any winter diet, because of the antiviral and antibacterial properties they retain, which fight infection. Mushrooms provide a range of essential nutrients like selenium which an antioxidant, as well as niacin, potassium copper and phosphorous. Additionally, mushrooms provide protein, vitamin C and iron. So include mushroom in your dietary space this winter.

Drinking water: Winter supposedly makes us dry. It is contradictory to the season but we should consume water in a larger quantity in the winter season. During winter, symptoms include chapped lips, a dry cough, nosebleeds, mild headaches, and acne can be reduced if we start to increase drinking winter more than usual.

So, above few changes to your diet can keep you healthy in this winter.

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