10 Reasons Why Your Metabolism is So Sluggish

By First Posted: Dec 6, 2017 Wed 2:48 AM Updated: Sep 14, 2018 Fri 8:09 AM
10 Reasons Why Your Metabolism is So Sluggish
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Have you been trying to lose weight..unsuccessfully?

There are many poeple who honestly try to lose weight by exercising and controlling their diet, but they fail. This is because they have a sluggish metabolism. Their body refuses to burn up the calories they consume at a fast rate. So they keep on piling on extra flab, even when they are trying not to!

Here are 10 reasons why your Metabolism may be sluggish:

1. Not getting enough sleep

2. Being under too much stress or anxiety

3. Eating too less, and putting the body in its famine mode

4. Certain diseases and medications

5. Very sedentary lifestyle

6. Not eating a well balanced diet - missing out on protein and Calcium

7. Skipping meals, especially breakfast

8. Eating large dinner, making it the biggest meal of the day

9. Eating a very fatty or sugary diet

10. Not getting enough water

If these factors sound like your own story, you can easily improve your metabolism by working on these.

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