5 Best Snacks for the Cold Winter Months

By First Posted: Nov 22, 2017 Wed 5:53 AM Updated: Nov 24, 2017 Fri 5:39 AM
5 Best Snacks for the Cold Winter Months
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The winter is here, almost! It is that time of the year when we love to tke out our colourful winter gear and flaunt it fashionably. This is also the time when a lot of poeple gain a few kilos, only to find that losing it won't be as easy! This happens because our activity becomes a little limited and our calorie consumption goes a little up in thee months. The only way to avoid winter weight gain should be to either exercise more and be more active, or to eat fewer calories. But practically speaking, it is a combination of both these things that can help you stay in shape through the winter.

This is why you must choose your winter snacks wisely. Yes, those fried snacks like pakoras and samosas become even more enticing in the winters. But keep thee yummy snacks restricted to a limit (once a week, perhaps?) and on the rest of your days, go for thee healthy snacks:

5 Best Snacks for Winters

- Dried Fruit and Nuts: This is best time of the year to enjoy nuts and dried fruit. They give you energy and good fats.

- Fresh Fruit: Go for apples, citrus fruit etc. Fresh fruit will give you Vitamin C and other vitamins needed to boost immunity and keep those diseases at bay!

- Chikki or Tilpatti: These winter goodies are yummy, full of energy and help in providing heat to the body.

- Flaxseed Panjiri: Make it yourself by dry roasting flaxseeds, grinding it, adding a little jaggery and chopped walnuts/almonds. This is great as it gives you warmth and loads of Omega 3.

- Eggs: Enjoy fried eggs/omlettes/egg curry etc during winters. Eggs provide nourishment - protein and good fats.


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