Why are the Makers of Aksar 2 Fighting With Zareen Khan??

By First Posted: Nov 21, 2017 Tue 1:46 PM
Why are the Makers of Aksar 2 Fighting With Zareen Khan??
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Bollywood is a place which is never secured for anyone in general. Recently the big news that is making the headlines is the fight between Zareen Khan and the makers of Aksar 2. It's a high volt war between Zareen Khan and the producers of Aksar 2, among whom is Varun Bajaj, son of producer Shyam Bajaj. There were reports of Zareen being mistreated by a mob, during the promotions of Aksar 2, as the filmmakers had not bothered about her security.

Well, the makers have denied this rumor and have told the public that the promotional events were agreed by the actress and there is no fault from the makers' end. However, Zareen is being shattered and revealed her side of the story to a leading media. For starters, she says that she was dissatisfied with the makers from the beginning itself. She was told that Aksar 2 would be a very clean film. However, it was not the case.

"They wanted me to wear minimal clothes in every frame. Of course, I will raise questions and put my foot down na? Why was this masala being added? Were they not confident about what they had made till then?" she asked. She said she did not walk away from the film, as she did not believe in such drastic measures. "I tried to find a middle solution, but every time there were arguments. Every day they wanted a change in my clothes; they wanted me to change into something very irrational, something that would make me expose," she added.

It seems that the fight between the makers of Aksar 2 and Zareen is steaming to a new level of war which is hard to ignore. 


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